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Robyn Rodda, CMC


Your wedding may be large with 250 guests or a small ceremony with just a couple of attendees, or something in between; either way, it’s your special day and I want to help you make it memorable, fun, and everything you want for your big day!

For your wedding, I will provide:

  • A ceremony written specifically for you. (I will give you a hard copy after the    ceremony)
  • Humour (weddings should be entertaining, not boring).
  • A full wedding rehearsal.
  • Your music.
  • A fully portable P.A system with lapel microphones (they don’t show in your      photos).
  • A signing table with chairs.
  • An information pack after your wedding to help change your maiden name to    your married name.

I am confident that you will be very happy with my level of service that I will provide and I look forward to meeting you and discussing your plans and requirements in more detail.
Remember, it’s my job to make sure your wedding flows smoothly; it’s your job to enjoy the day!